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ATTENTION LOS ANGELES! We are doing a practice show this Sunday in Pasadena!!! All ages! Only $25 (+fees)! Bring your friends! It’s gonna be a goof! Tickets for sale now on ticketmaster (link in bio). ... See MoreSee Less

ATTENTION LOS ANGELES! We are doing a practice show this Sunday in Pasadena!!! All ages! Only $25 (+fees)! Bring your friends! It’s gonna be a goof! Tickets for sale now on ticketmaster (link in bio).


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WTH... it's almost $20 in service fees alone! Can we buy tickets at the venue?!

Charging money for practice? I say that’s whack. Won’t take it back. I’ll prolly get smacked. For sayin that it’s whack.

We need a concert in hamburg germany guys

im willing to sell my first born child and all my vital organs for a ticket please help me

Tix PURCHASED!! George & I are SO stoked we're rewatching Popstar for like the 20th time right NOW!

MJsgrams Apodaca 😑 of all the weekends you have to drag me away, first Solo and now this

Please come to Canada! Or at least give a little more notice. Me and my fiance would have 26 hour drive if we had more time to get off work. Any tour coming up???

Renee and Grace, let’s gooooooo!

I'll pay money to watch it live via the internet from KC!

Neil Pallivathucal Aidan Arguelles you guys gotta find Kasra and bring him to this with you! I’d totally go if I was a little closer hahaha

Come to the east coast!!! Pittsburgh is where it’s at.

James Smede Heard this on the radio. At this stage only doing concerts over there but hopefully they may come to Australia

Jenny li'l trip to the US for a warm up gig?

I’ll be home in Brazil waiting for the videos. Love you guys!!!

Will there be any special thangs for this show that won’t be done at cluster? Or maybe even a different set list? Just curious? I want to retain some excitement for cluster if I go to this show 🙂

Eve Turpin yooo imagine qu’ils viennent à Montréal je meurs for sure 😭😭

Any chance you'll make your way down to San Diego?

Will this be preceding the first ever tour?

Alex Gilbert when do you start your new job and could you swing this beforehand?

Danielle fingers crossed there's a show when we are over there

Are they going to do a full tour?

Sam Martin last minute flight to California?

Hahaha I know this is too spare of the moment and we already have other plans but could have been fun Jolene Weston 😂

I tried getting ticket! Sold out already!!!

Stephanie!!!! I love these guys, you still there on Sunday????? x

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2 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

repost: @terrycrews ... See MoreSee Less

repost: @terrycrews


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Big shout outs and excitement from New Zealand!!! Go team Awesoooooome!

I want to go to there

I haven't seen Hamilton yet but will love Lin Manuel forever for bringing attention to Brooklyn nine nine's unfair cancellation!!!!!!

Umm. How did Terry Crews take this picture? He's in it...

Terry loves Hamilton

Allie Mackerty I don't know if you saw it but at one point during the whole Cancellation Apocalypse Terry tweeted Lin and said they should do a musical episode and so this picture has got me hyped

He looks like shy Ronnie in this

JUNE 1st!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

All the happiness Melissa Leanna

Bronté McMillan Stephanie photo bombing

All my faves in one pic Krystal

Terry Crews, one of the greatest men alive!

No shit, is that Alvie from Dr. House?

Maddy pretty sure this is what your dreams look like

Don't you mean Sergeant Terry Jeffers?

This is everything I ever wanted in a photo


Jorma and Akiva changed so much

Terry loves love

You guys are amazing! hahaha

Nha-Uyen Tran too much for one heart





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2 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

New ep tonight. Still on fox for 1 more. ... See MoreSee Less

New ep tonight. Still on fox for 1 more.


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"Still on fox for 1 more." Title of your sex tape.

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, no doubt, no doubt.

I love everyone in this pic! Can't wait to see the wedding, really hoping the Pontiac bandit makes an appearance 😆 #ninenine

SO happy NBC stepped up; they know a good thing when they see it! Excited for many more seasons, just hope they’re not all reduced to 13 eps!

When you gotta see out plans with your ex, even though you got a new boo.

No wonder it got "cancelled" - you're on Fox! Fox always cancel good shows cos they suck. Thanks NBC 😊😊😊😊!

"New ep tonight": name of your sex tape

Number 1, can you sing the opening to "I want it that way"?

I’m so glad that they picked you all up. This is the only show that I can’t wait to watch every week.

I was just singing "I'm the most courteous-bittable, hospitable Reverential, normal-ary Arnold Schwarzen-orgarary".... And then you guys pop up

Can't wait for the new ep and new season on NBC. To many more!

The theme is my ringtone and I have two B99 text tones. My students know that Jake Peralta is my TV boyfriend. We found the show late, but we have watched every episode and LOVE the Nine-Nine

Jason is Back! Awesome, He's been my favorite Guest Star, next to Adam Sandler, Eric Roberts and Craig Robinson.

Your show is one of two that my family tries to watch on live tv because..we need it ASAP. If NBC puts you next to Superstore we gonna have us NBC must see Thursdays again!!. #ninenine

Pimento!!! Love the Zouks and the 99! Kudos to NBC for being cool about this and congrats to all of you guys!

What is up with Fox? They just seem to cancel anything worth watching.

Not gonna lie, I legit forget Jake's actor is in The Lonely Island... I also forget that Terry Crews's character isn't the main character, too. I'm weird like that I guess

WOOO!!!! PIMENTO!!!! Gawd can y'all make him a regular cast member already? I still cry-laugh when he kills the bug in the breakroom.

Only thing good about fox was Hulu. Now I'll need to figure out how to watch B99...

Raffi? The League was the shyte. One of the funniest shows of all time.

Is that Rafi from the league? That guy cracks me up.

Randomly hanging out? Those episodes have been shot ages ago..

love you guys, I would have been sad without you!

Ouch was that a burn on Lucifer

The team should abduct him and shave that beard off

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2 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

NBC IS PICKING UP BROOKLYN 99 for SEASON 6!!! ... See MoreSee Less



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My prediction: it gets canceled after one more season because all the people who claim to watch it, don’t actually watch it.

Cool cool cool cool cool cool no doubt no doubt! 🎉🎉🎉

Should've been like "I dont want your handouts! I ain't a charity case." *threw it on the ground*

At least one show is lasting. Disappointed that Lucifer is not coming back. FOX Sucks. Netflix should pick it up so it can get there without limitation

am I the only one who was hoping this show getting canned would mean we got a new lonely island record?

Is there any way you guys can bring Lucifer along with you? I see Jake and Lucifer getting into some real shenanigans together.😄

I love this so much. I am slightly unnerved by Rosa smiling. But given the circumstances I am so stoked, my dudes.

Megan Koch Fox, Hulu, and Netflix are just dumb for passing on this show. NBC has got it handled though. The 99 is back! 🙌🏻

Andy kind of look like Littlefinger in this picture.

Man i'm way too emotional to articulate my feelings over a mere fb comment, just know that im crying tears of joy. I don't see a perfect world without the existence of a beautiful show like BROOKLYN 99. And thank you NBC ;')

Nbc has almost always had more well developed programming than fox. Not always, but hannibal was a prime example of what NBC can do (even though it was cancled, it was an absolute treasure. Im happy for you guys, and cant wait to see you all soar with the new network!

Definitely doesn't stop there though people have to watch it live and buy the dvds, actually put some money into the show. Otherwise it will be cancelled again next year.

Literally only discovered this a few months ago late night on channel 4... like 1am or something. Finally spotted it on Netflix a couple weeks ago and binge watched the first 4 seasons. Liked it so much I'm watching through them all again. Pleased theres going to be a 6th season to watch!

Yeeeeeesssss, literally just saw the cancellation notice a minute ago and I was shattered. But now it's all coolcooolcoolcolcoollocoollocool

I mean, I like most people stopped watching the show. It got repetitive quick. I was laughing less. And if I was going to watch tv, there were better shows to watch. Maybe if I watched tv 24 hours a day, I'd fit it in before shittier shows.

Fantastic news! As i heard the news from fox that they canceled you i was close to cry. Please, go on with Nine-Nine as long as you can! I love this series and These Awesome Cops!

hell yeah! what a roller coaster thought you guys got canceled and here you are getting put on NBC. your fucking with my emotions man!!!

THANK YOU GOD! this is the only show i watch now that Ash vs. evil dead is getting canceled I was so afraid of being left showless

This is great news... but only 13 new eps for Season 6? Not enough eps yo 😪 Needs to be at least 20 eps just like it use to be!

I was gutted when I say the show had been cancelled the other day 😢 GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! Looking forward to the new season now.

Was kinda hoping Netflix or Hulu did so they could go a little further with the humor. Show is great! I hate that current shows are getting cancelled to try reboots of old shows

All of my JOY!!!!!! 😭🤗 My husband and I watch your show as a pick me up after EVERY “heavy” show! We were sooo sad when we heard it wasn’t renewing - this is GREAT start to my weekend.

Rachel Sullivan I saw something that said it was going to be cancelled after season 5 and this is saying it’s picked up for season 6??? What’s the truth?!

Alan Pettigrew Jonathan Wynn good news guys, you won’t have to keep watching the same episodes over and over over again...oh wait a minute

I think this shows way better than a lot of others on the air especially like big bang theory. How the shit does it have 12 seasons. Plus I can't stop seeing Rod Kimble, anyone else have this issue? Hahaha Jimmy Krone soul of a bottle nose dolphin!

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2 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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I really hope the article I read today saying that Brooklyn 99 has been cancelled is bullshit. It's the best show on T.V.

Omg! Wtf? They can't cancel brooklyn nine nine. How the F does a show like The Big Bang Theory get to season 11 but brooklyn gets stopped at 5? There is something seriously wrong with this world! 😣😣

Love the show ... but Gina is annoying af; approaching "Dwight" level Maybe because we all know someone like her? wtfever ... smaller doses please tks

I feel robbed... One of my favorite shows whether it's reruns or new stuff I'll always watch the 99. Here's hoping Netflix makes a smart decision and picks up the show.

Omg I was wondering when he would be on it

Did you see it’s being cancelled though 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Apparently Hulu have offered to pick it back up.

Save us all Netflix.

For people that don't know yet. 99 did get canceled by fox. But NBC took it over for a shorter season. So it's not gone yet.

Michael Binecki I totally thought this was you for a minute, scrolling through my feed

Carlos Flores veeee es de hoy! Espero solo estén jugando con nuestros sentimientos jajajajajaja

There’s only like three shows I make a point to watch every week and B99 is one of them. One of my all-time favorites.

Thank you for the 5 seasons. I hope netflix picks you up. Hahaha

Does 99 moving to NBC mean more SNL characters will pop up?

Kelly Lee that’s the entire lonely island cast now 😮

Scissors, double-scissors, and hair-hammock.

I don't recognize any of these people

Cassie, this better surpass the 30 second Akiva cameo.

Sad news under funny picture, shocked

Thibaud,I really need to continue :O

So sad that Brooklyn nine-nine is being cancelled.. :(

I’m so so sad this got cancelled, seriously. Wtf.

This photo could cure cancer.

best team ever Lena NK

Kyle how much does that look like Jean-luc

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3 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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Jorma's looking a little different.


So Jorma missed the boat?

OH SHIT!!!??? Keith is in Brooklyn 99? I gotta start watching again!

Guess nobody in NYPD Recruiting came across "We'll Kill You".

Come to Middletown pa. I’ll buy y’all a beer.

Seriously my 12 year old son now wants to be a detective because Jake is cool. Mummy’s got a kick ass career for nowt (England for nothing)!!

"Wow! Free squad car ride for three! Now who should I take? Keeeeeeiiiiith. Aaaaaaaaaand.... Boyle"

Avika should have been in the episode for longer

I had a dream Boyle was my wife and he made a great wife. Hard to not see him half naked in a frilly apron asking me if I want scotch or milk with dinner upon coming home...

Haha, noice! Can't wait for tonight's episode 😆❤

What happened to Jorm? 😂


Detective Kiv -- me likey that

Holy shit, Rip Hunter back in the 20th century Or, Rory is on adventure with the Doc

Akivaaaaa 😀😱 Noiiiiiice

Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake what we were talking about 😃

Most important cop show...


hot ❤️

Jormas gonna make an appearance!!! That's so dope!!!

Aiden Winder i was waiting till they all appeared on the show ahah

What is this, a crossover episode?

Annalise Sortino lonely island cameo in 99 big scenes

Taylor Jackson when did Keith enter Brooklyn 9-9

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4 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

Legend ... See MoreSee Less



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Is that Carl Winslow?

Louis Armstrong?!

Calypso Breezy Big Guy‼️ lolz

If Jake doesn’t get his Bruce Willis moment I’m done with the show !

Loved this episode! Drunk Holt was hysterical.


Best character in die hard hands down. I think he actually played Carl Winslow in that also.

Can’t you read between the lines, man!!


Amy Forbes he’s so perfect 😭❤️

George Henderson Sam Blake why is he with ainsley harriot

One of the hero's from the Nakatomi plaza. Never forget

Reginald VelJohnson! 💖

Big guy! <3

This episode was great

Jack Webster it's organic



Great episode

Lottie Turnbull Safia Saumtally

Erin McGuire-Fischer

Mike Bachini

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4 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

... See MoreSee Less


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This is why Jorma wasn't picked to be on a boat.

Where’s Boyle?

Hotrod 2!!!!

Is there a concert tour ever happening?

Yashika Sharma ohh god.. Andy Samberg.. hot 🔥

Yessss, beard it up, guys. looking fine.

Aline Andy Samberg avec une barbe c'est CALIENTE 😶😂

Loving the beards guys! ❤❤ #mytliboyz

You guys have been friends for a long time, do you fight/argue like siblings?

Love Andy's Wayne's World hat 😍

Clayton Michael looks like our old #31up pics

The creep eyes lol

You guys really need to tour so I can see you!



Party time! excellent!

what are you guys up to? christmas album?

Yo andy I like the beard man looking messy and wild in a good way man 👌👌

So much love for you guys and everything you do 😄

Owen is this where your beard inspo comes from? 😜


Concert tour?? Come on

Love the hat!

Just a couple of hunks


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4 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

... See MoreSee Less


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How are you even holding it like that??

Hahah why do people think this, I look nothing like him

I am a flute player, how dare you, I am offended. Lmao idgaf hold it how you want 😆

"I'm Piccolo Pete. I'm part of the crew. You'll know that it's me by the sound of my flute."

Seasonally appropriate.

Farah Hoque Juliana Alba how did they get this photo of us?

NO! That is NOT how we hold flutes!!!!!!!!

When will people learn the correct way to hold a flute? Drives me crazy!!

Chun! They know what they're doing!

If this is a shittyflute tribute, I'd be pleased

Just watched the legendary norm Macdonald youtube interview with these fellas.

You are all holding it wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️

Amy are they bringing out a christmas song in the middle of the year? 😂

Maia holding them so wrong it's painful!

Aidan Matson we need flutes for MatMor

Harvey Puttock I like how they have tied in the appropriate season with this. Nailed it.

Please tell me you're releasing a Christmas album

please tell me I can get this on vinyl... I must have this on Vinyl!

Sophie Standing looks like it could be a new album!!

Lia Cernauskas do u know this indie band

Jakob Bremner something big is coming

Sally Taylor well here's an idea

All of the class baba Cridhè Brielle 😘😂

juste parce que cette photo est parfaite Lezlie

Thom Atoes... Oh the technique..🤣

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4 weeks ago

The Lonely Island

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Anywhere I can get their discography? Don't wanna pirate it but one cd would be preferable

Sandberg you look like fucking Pimento. Ace.


I hope there’s a new album on the way...

I really hope that is Murray Langston under that bag.

I don't think I wanna know what this is aiming at...... 😂 them finger nails?! 😖 😂😂

It's like a paper bagged Elton John is watching over you boys.

Please tell me there's an album coming soon

Shia lebiouf

Can’t wait to catch you guys at cluster!!!

I need to be in a music video of yours one day. my boyfriend and I arr fans of yours <3

what the hell are you up to now ? :D

Flo Vde cette barbe !

The beards you guys! XD

Please play in LA!❤️❤️❤️🍰🍇

Need dat new album yo

Jizz in my pants! Hahaha!

Eh heh

Brian harvey looking good! 🤣

Nate Shurilla at least we have these sweet beards

Donnie Speeg

Wai Yiu Alex Lo

Kirsty Nelson

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

... See MoreSee Less


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Make hot rod 2 Justin Timberlake is a new hot successful stuntman that tries to take your girl. Everyone's older (obviously) and are doing their own thing. Dave works for a world superbike team. Rico builds ramps for the rich in Dubai. Kevin's movies such as dogs humping, have become critically acclaimed at the Toronto film festival and he has pretentious movie lovers following him.

Joe Doherty Joe Green Rafi can't hide from us...

Marc Edgerton pimento is back baby

Daaam giiirl.. *That's a man*... LIKE I SAID. daaam giiirl.



Cameron Doig My favourite man!

Pimento a Reg now that your on NBC. I think so!!!

Heynong man!


What's with the set photo.

Oh classic Pam!

Edgar Flippin

Scott Anderson

Lauren Thomas

Aiza Khan

Amber Lawson


Jake Hancock Reid rosa's ex bf

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1 month ago

The Lonely Island

... See MoreSee Less


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I like to kick it, I’m a karate guy. Now I’m in a cowboy hat. Now I’m in three cowboy hats 😂😂😂

Yes!!! I love you!!

"The Donkey Roll was the shit; that's the reason why I dance."

Ellen Sinclair I wanna style boys tee

Just have seen this movie yesterday. Cool. Really cool :)

“I’m a style boyz for life”

3 of the people in this photo contracted herpees. The other is Usher.

so humble

Bar none I am the most humblest

I'm a style boy for life

My 2 year old loves this movies just as much as me !!

Hot Rod 2- Justin Timberlake is a new hot stuntman that tries to steal your girl

Doink de doink!!

Working with The Lonely Island has got to be a blast!! Would love to collaborate with you guys!! Dreaming, i know, but still!!!

I'm a Style Boy 4 life!

Jorma is such a handsome dude. Y'all a bunch of goofballs, but he could for real be a film star.

Cool cool cool cool cool cool, no doubt no doubt no doubt... I love my TLI boys! ❤ #funkyfresh

Donkey Roll! That movie will be a hard act to follow...

Jessica, Laura, Emily - I’m so humble #styleboyz4lyf

Lukas Lauer "You know the Style Boyz.. I mean, they're the reason why I dance!"

Donkeyyyy boyzzzz almost panic at the disco


Society let me down yet again when this movie bombed.

Lauren McGrath have you seen this movie it's the best.

Jenny Stannard style boyz fo lyf ❤️

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

New B99 tonight
(directed by Kiv) #willshortz
... See MoreSee Less

New B99 tonight
(directed by Kiv) #willshortz


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Who's will shortz

the face you make when the guy you thought was gonna fuck you .. actually set you up for life through multiple persona's when in shrug i set you up for success "least you can do is tell the world who gave it to you for the bitter sacrifice of the their own to avoid the spotlight .. its the least you could do.. but now i understand i do want a piece of the pie after all i'm the original creator of said productions to induce your own career .. these are the things in my car .. think about what you are saying to yourself i had a convo about everything that went down .. and you still sit and lie

Melody Tuck do you know who the man on the left reminds me of




"Kiv in the house, but you can call me Young Dad"


Kasper Gnutzmann Andersen !

Matt Moon

Michal Shott


Sergio, Deborah

Dario Janin

Billie Giess


Cory Prentice

Yen Ling Luong

Amber Lawson

Y'all are like 2009....

i wanna know how you feel about dick in the fucking ass

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

... See MoreSee Less


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We love sports and we don't care who knows, from throwing chairs, to smashing windows.

Are we finally getting new Just 2 Guyz song and a music video? :D

are you middle aged yet

That woman doesn't now, but she met the best rappers in the world

Im just glad that the cunthole steve isn't destroying the vibes

Thomas Koutsodimitropoulos is it just me or does it look like a young Michael and Dwight? 😂😂

Mami in the back stole my heart

Just two guys, having an early spring good time..


Andy looks different.

Gimme that Yung Sammich.

"2 out of 3 ain't bad!" Hopefully another song coming our way. Love you guys! 😉

Come on, she's telling you to fire up a new fuckin video yo!

Just 2 Guys man! Lol use to play the vids over and over a few years back lol I had a massive crush on Jorma 🧐

Just two guyz and we're having a good time

Natasha Richards looks like the ‘we’ll kill you’ video... maybe they’re making a new one 😃👍🏻

Mélissa non 2 Guys

Style Boyz in da house

Guy number 2 is my number 1. Sorry guy 1.

just 2 guyz having a good time having a good time having a good time

Joris cette photo est importante

Just 2 guys


Two Guyz!

Andy changed.

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

New B99 tonight w the Timeless @sterlingkbrown ... See MoreSee Less

New B99 tonight w the Timeless @sterlingkbrown


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Best comedy on t.v!!

Is Andy Samberg a cooler guy than Mark Hamill? I've spent more time wondering about this than is reasonable

Get back to work Peralta!!!

I hope we hear soon that there will be a season 6!!

Lazy Sunday wake up in the late afternoon, call Parnell just to see how he’s doin’

Uh, Andy? He's not on that show. But the guy who voiced Anakin Skywalker on Clone Wars is.

Eddie Pawson again! Where are they

Jani Joubert Todd Hampshire we at it again!

That's a massive eye behind you 👀

That was a great episode! One of my favorites for sure.

sigh... if only, I'd be all into that.

Weirdest crossover ever.

It was a great episode!!!

"take my picture with it"

Open the podbay doors, HAL.


Flo Vde 🤗

Nick Batten Daniel Binksy Binks

Gabriela Rodríguez

Joseph Phan Kevin Phan

Diana Sultanova

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

New Brooklyn 99 tonight ... See MoreSee Less

New Brooklyn 99 tonight


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Hopefully the Ratings Go back up otherwise you guys will have a problem in May.

Damn you Doug Judy!

I’ve got a one thing plan to talk about! Hit up everyone in the lonely island crew and everyone you can. Mardeth Mccomick is my Facebook name and Meaghan Skiba is my real name

♪ The Pontiac Bandit and Jake are cops ♪ ♪With their wise-cracking Captain along for the ride ♪ ♪ They'll have adventures wherever they go ♪ ♪ The talking dog flies in outer space ♪ ♪ Arf, arf, arf, fly, fly, fly, fly dog ♪ ♪ Arf, arf, arf ♪

If Craig ever makes a Mixtape here is the album cover <3 SOOO PUMPED FOR TONIGHTS EPISODE

Mark Lane, I know we're a series behind the US, but this all but guarantees us some Doug Judy this series. 👌🏻

Eddie Pawson we need to find where they are! Xxxx

Laurent Gilbert Pontiac bandit is back babyyy

I thought of Black Mirror and Mr Robot before Brooklyn 99

You have the right to remain Doug Judy. Anything you Doug or Judy can be used against you in a Doug of Judy.

Austin Washington the return of the Pontiac Bandit 👌

Jasmine Elias the pontiac bandit woo

Yassssss!!! I’ve been waiting so patiently for new episodes!!!

Alex Henry this is such a cool pic

Rachel i love Doug Judy so much

Gustav Pontiac bandit is back! :D

Thought that was a card board cut-out

Omg the pontiac bandit is back?

Life has meaning every week

And i will be watching!


Mel Selby holy shit. ITS THE PONTIAC BANDIT. Hope it comes straight to Netflix.

Brennan Jenkins return of the Pontiac bandit!!!!!

Joel Ridding the pontiac bandit!

Zach Feld he’s back!!!!!!

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

#tbt ... See MoreSee Less



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There’s no such thing as too much purell.

Cook your meat till it's done, cause you only live once..

A sequel to Dick in a Box, 2 dicks in a box. One for when it is cold, and the other before it explodes.

he taught me so much about my financial future

Like it man, YOLO 😂😂😂

Rentin' is for sucka's right now...


".. That's a great deal!" 💵

say no no

Be careful-o!

You outta look out.



This pic was taken perfectly

Kendrick before the fame

Hey boys

loveeeeee guys

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2 months ago

The Lonely Island

Attention USA: new Brooklyn 99 tonight. ... See MoreSee Less

Attention USA: new Brooklyn 99 tonight.


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Remember when The Lonely Island used to put out amazing rap CDs filled with laughs and great beats? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Hey, please upload the new season in Netflix already!!!!

Defo been doing the creep

I'll dig your grave til the job is done!! so f**k off! #Conner4Real

Daniel they're coming baaaaaaaaaaaack !

Definitely looking like "The Creep" so is it wrong I'm still turned on by Andy? 😂😂😂😂

when i heard weird perverts i thought you'd dress like in the lonely island song :D

I miss the old music you guys made :(

Imma when will we come back to this huhu

wait, is that Mike McLintock? damn, gotta catch up

There's that Rod Kimble like mustache!

Reminds me of The creep song ft Nicki Minaj 🤣🤣

There is that thick tom selleck mustache! :d

Still waiting on season 4 on Netflix in Denmark.

Looks like you're headlining the blue oyster bar tonight ;)

Thought it was cancelled it's been so long

Alex Caddick I'm way behind this but I need to know why they're teaming up and why they have glorious mustaches

Joe Harrod. I always miss the start and have to wait!

What did your parole officer say about electronic devices?

looks like a scene from a 70s porn starsky and hutch movie 😂

Tracy N Matthew Clifton ... Jon looks just like Andy Samberg in this haha

Andrew Camp need to move to USA

Brianna Williams we might get to watch it in around 10 years

Jaymie Leask wtf is gonna happen with captain holts husband lol

Them jet black tashes tho Sean Reilly

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3 months ago

The Lonely Island

We wrote a song for this year’s Oscars that was overly ambitious (expensive and a logistical nightmare) so it wasn't produced, but here is a demo storyboard version for your enjoyment! #Oscars were asked to write a song for this year’s Academy Awards… Unfortunately, it wasn’t chosen because it was “financially and logistically impossible”, so fo... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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'Overly ambitious and a logisitcal nightmare' - Title of your sex tape.

Kinjal incrediblé

If only you guys hadn't written that song for Japan and had your studio pay for that suuuuuuuuuuper expensive trip and video! ;)

Karl Ward Kayleigh Toms Paul Toms Christina Dale you know we love a bit of lonely island xxx

The oscars were alright but this would have made them better.

That’s was crap.... y’all should’ve done Diaper money

I love you guys but good choice. would have been a waste of money ... this is definitely not your best work

Why couldn't that have just been screened as is?! Way more entertaining than most of the telecast.

That was...inspired.

Jessica, Laura, Emily - it’s no Humble or Bin Laden, but would have been epic if they’d pulled it off! 🏝

I heard a lady boned a fish man...😂😂😂😂😂😂

Guys 💙 in this song there's everything I ever wanted to know about the Oscars! Thank you! 😂

Lauren Owens since you're kind of an Andy fan

Mikhela Greiner if only this happened 😭🙏🙌😂

Stevie Anne Gurr Glennie Olah cause y’all know my obsession with lonely island...

Giada Tizzi Chiara Ruggiero petition to have tli host the 2019 oscars

Eliza Chew I prefer this to Andra Day and Common's rap

Cheyenne Cardinal Mabbutt for the love of god please watch this. 😂😂

That was funnier than anything that they actually used

Anna Ballard oh we were so close!!

Adriana Cáceres THIS is oscar worthy :')

Thank you. Now do one of those things that made me feel.

If you produce it, they will come...😏

April! So funny! I then fell into a YouTube Andy Samberg hole! X

Faryn Solomon haha this is so funny my bro showed me this

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